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  • Mentorship career guidance and overall support

Welcome to the Avalos Foundation

The Avalos Foundation hopes to support and inspire the next generation of leaders to help make our state, country, and communities a better place. The Avalos Foundation understands education is the greatest equalizer providing social and economic upward mobility and this is why Avalos Foundation exists. Education with the support of many people changed Arnoldo and Alma’s lives forever and therefore it is our purpose and dream to help as many young people from the Upper Sacramento Valley receive their college degrees and reinvest their time and resources back into this local community in the future.

The Avalos Foundation launched on December 12th, 2012 and since its inception, it has focused on providing scholarships to low-income high school students from the Upper Sacramento Valley who are attending a University of California and Ivy League universities, or Stanford, Georgetown & University of Southern California. Our geographic area of focus is any student attending high school or community college in Butte, Glenn, Tehama, Yuba, Sutter, and Colusa Counties. To date, Avalos Foundation has sponsored 150 students attending the University of California Berkeley, Los Angeles, Davis, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Irvine, and San Diego as well as Harvard, Columbia, Pennsylvania, USC, and Georgetown. The majority of our students have a family income less than $70k and are of a variety of ethnic backgrounds representing small communities of Chico, Colusa, Yuba City, Marysville, Orland, Biggs, Red Bluff, Corning, Willows, Los Molinos, Gridley, Oroville, Las Plumas, Hamilton City, Arbuckle, Williams, Paradise, and Wheatland!

Avalos Foundation is more than a scholarship program; we provide mentorship, career guidance, and overall a support network as we see our students as family. In fact, our 1st Avalos Foundation Scholar just completed his computer science degree from the University of Davis, and now he has successfully transitioned to a career in the Silicon Valley. We have students who are now working professionals in corporate America, and others who are in medical, pharmacy, post graduate, and law universities.

Welcome to the Avalos Foundation

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Why Upper Sacramento Counties - Reasons to Donate!

High Dropout Rate

According to kids.org, Tehama County had the highest California high school drop out rate of 67% in 2009! The rest of the upper Sacramento Counties were close to the state average with Yuba County above the average. This is a reason why the Avalos Foundation is focused on these counties.
California County High School Drop Out Rates

Low Income Level

Avalos Foundation will focus on graduating high students in the upper Sacramento Valley where agriculture is the main employer and where there is a higher percentage of the residents live below or close to the national poverty line of $23,000.

Yuba County Census Data

High Unemployment Rate

There is a high unemployment rate on average between 20 to 30%. This is another reason why the Avalos Foundation believes the upper Sacramento Counties are important to help. Colusa County has had close to 30% unemployment rates recently.

Colusa County Unemployment Data

Low Bachelor Degree Rate

Only 15% of the Glenn county residents have a 4-year college degree which is similar to other upper Sacramento Counties. It is the hope of the Avalos Foundation to inspire more kids to achieve higher education degree!

Glenn County Census Data