Scholarship Requirements

  1. Accepted & attend a University of California University or Any Ivy League University
  2. Prove financial need
  3. Must be resident of Colusa, Tehama, Glenn, Butte, Sutter, or Yuba County.

Scholarship Process

  1. Submit the Avalos Foundation Scholarship Application to the school’s counseling Office or directly to 19 Greens Lane, Pleasanton CA 94566
  2. All Application need to be posted marked by April 15th the current year
  3. Application must be typed or printed legibly and be filled out completely to be considered.
  4. Submit a personal statement addressing the following: family background, scholastic achievements, educational and career goals, financial need, and any other relevant information.
  5. Unofficial high school transcriptions
  6. Letter of University Acceptance
  7. List of all Extra Curricular Activities/Community Service activities.

Scholarship Payment

  1. The scholarship is $1000 a year
  2. The Scholarship will be paid in the spring semester or quarter after verifying student has achieved quarter or semester with 3.0 GPA in academic year
  3. The scholarship can be renewed based on high academic achievement at the university level and continued involved with Avalos Foundation

Avalos Foundation Application Form.docx