Avalos Scholars

Kimberly Schwartz
UC Berkeley 2017 Business

I am from Gridley,CA. I'm studying Business Administration here at UC Berkeley with a minor in Public Policy.
After Berkeley,I plan on attending grad school in the east coast:D (shooting for Ivy League;).
Next year I will be working with the Public Service Center as a Haas Public Service Leader & also with the ASUC Academic Affairs Vice Presidency.I also work at the Cal Calling Center & Volunteer with the American Red Cross. I love being involved& giving back to the community.I live for adventure, love chocolate, watching the sunset,hiking,meeting new people & just exploring.

I would like it if the incoming freshmen to UC Berkeley would please give me their emails so I could forward to yal leadership opportunities, scholarship information, different program/organizations info, etc. etc.

Also, don't be afraid to reach out to current students at the UC for advice and guidance. We are here to help!:)

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